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Surveying the Historic Environment


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Our surveying service was set up in 2004 specialising in Real Time Kinematic GPS survey, Total Station survey, GIS and CAD. In response to the increasing pressures for companies carrying out large scale open-site work, it is designed to provide surveying solutions.

We provide the service largely for archaeological contractors, consultants and specialists, engaged in field assessments, evaluations, excavations and historic building recording. Most projects are associated with planning considerations for construction and development, whilst others may be research-led areas of the heritage sector.

As qualified archaeological professionals ourselves, we understand clearly the scope and parameters of archaeological work such as PPS5, planning strategies, project designs and their research objectives, approaches and sampling methodologies.

Souterrain is committed to the professional standards and Code of Conduct of the Institute for Field Archaeologists, and its staff have registered Areas of Competence in Research and Development and Archaeological Field Practice.

Souterrain is affiliated to the Council of British Archaeology

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